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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Names - Surname Unknown

In this index my ancestors are shown in bold.

Name Dates Spouse Other Relationship
Ann (R31) ~1774-1864 Stephen ROBINSON my 4x great grandmother
Anne (S215)   John HOLDSWORTH my 7x great grandmother; mother of Anne HOLDSWORTH
Elizabeth b. abt 1825 William WHEATLEY daughter-in-law of George WHEATLEY and Ann EELS
Ellen (S1553) d. 1646 Robert BINGLEY my 10x great grandmother
Hannah b. abt 1814 Benjamin BARTLE daughter-in-law of James BARTLE and Mary BELFIELD
Jane b. abt 1835 James METCALFE daughter-in-law of William METCALFE and Margaret ROBINSON
Jane (S39)   Robert SMITH my 5x great grandmother; mother of Jane SMITH
Mary   Robert BILTON daughter-in-law of Thomas BILTON and ?
Mary (S83)   Thomas COCKSHOTT my 6x great grandmother
Mary (S193) ~1662-1719 Thomas HIRST my 7x great grandmother
Mary (S73)   Thomas HUTCHINSON my 6x great grandmother; mother of Joseph HUTCHINSON
Mary (S259) d. 1696 William LAYCOCK my 8x great grandmother
Mary (R49) ~1743-1816 John MEABURN my 5x great grandmother; mother of William MEABURN
Mary (S257) d. 1679 William STOW my 8x great grandmother
Ruth ~1785-1843 Robert BILTON daughter-in-law of Thomas BILTON and ?
Sarah   George CRAVEN daughter-in-law of Benjamin CRAVEN and Mary PETTY
Sarah b. abt 1826 George PALLISER daughter-in-law of Matthew PALLISER & Frances PLOWMAN
Sarah (S65)   Thomas STOW my 6x great grandmother