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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Names - L

In this index my ancestors are shown in bold.

Name Dates Relationship
LAMB, Eleanor (S211)   my 7x great grandmother; mother of Mary MASON
LAMBERT, Ellen b. abt 1812 daughter-in-law of Matthew PALLISER and Frances PLOWMAN
LANCASTER, Mary b. abt 1868 daughter-in-law of John RUTTER and Hannah MEYNELL
LAYCOCK, Ann (S129)   my 7x great grandmother
LEACH, Ruth (widow; née ELLAR) d. 1848 daughter-in-law of Richard BILTON and Phebe METCALF
LEGG, Martin ~1829-1909 son-in-law of George MEABURN and Ann PALLISER
LISTER, William b. abt 1829 son-in-law of Isaac WILKINSON and Elizabeth WATSON
LONGLEY, George b. abt 1833 son-in-law of William ROBINSON and Hannah WOODHEAD