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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Names - A

In this index my ancestors are shown in bold.

Name Dates Relationship
ABERCROMBIE, John   son-in-law of William HARCOURT and Jane GIBSON
ADAMS, Jane   daughter-in-law of David KENNEDY and Ann CAMPBELL
AKEROYD, Isaac ~1765-1816 son-in-law of John KEEN and Elizabeth ASKEW
AKERS, Mary Isabella ~1858-1889 daughter-in-law of Matthew MEABURN and Mary METCALFE
ALDERSON, John William ~1875-1951 son-in-law of Matthew MEABURN and Mary METCALFE
ANDERSON, John ~1821-1874 son-in-law of George MEABURN and Ann PALLISER
ANDERSON, Mary ~1825-1872 daughter-in-law of Thomas MENNILL and Hannah SHIPLEY
ASKEW, Elizabeth (B55)   my 5x great grandmother