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General Family History Sites

GENUKI - a mine of useful information on all aspects of family history relating to the UK and Ireland

Cyndi's List - a directory of thousands of family history sites from all over the world

Rootsweb - home to personal genealogy websites, as well as many thousands of mailing lists and message boards for those researching particular names, places, occupations etc.

National Archives Discovery Catalogue - an online catalogue of the holdings of the UK National Archives and other record offices around the country

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This isn't a complete list of societies covering my areas of interest. Details of other societies can be found at the Federation of Family History Societies, at GENUKI, or for those concentrating on a single surname, at the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS).

Society of Genealogists

Bradford FHS

Calderdale FHS

Cleveland, North Yorkshire & South Durham FHS

Huddersfield & District FHS

Keighley & District FHS

Yorkshire Archaeological Society (FH Section)

North of Ireland FHS

Tay Valley FHS

Metcalfe Society

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People and Places

BARTLE - Richard Bartle's site, with information on a number of Bartle families

EMMOTT - Barry Emmott's site, with information on Emmott families in the area around Colne, Lancashire

HARCOURT - a One Name Study by Rebekah Coombs and Jenny Buckingham of Western Australia

HEBDEN - One Name Study (my line can be found on Tree Chart 21)

KENNEDY - Iain Kennedy's One Name Study, including Kennedy DNA Project

MEABURN - Ian Macdonald's research into the MEWBURN surname and its variants (including MEABURN)
His online tree, which includes my line, is at http://mewburn.one-name.net/index.php

PALLISER - Renia Simmonds' One Name Study
Renia has identified many Palliser families which may or may not be connected. My line is in her Group 10, which can be reached directly via this link: http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=palliser-ons-010

STOW and EMMOTT of Kildwick - Denise Stow-Williamson's Blog

WHARFEGEN - Nic Wilson's Wharfedale and Craven Genealogical Study, aiming to create a comprehensive database of all individuals and families who lived in these areas of Yorkshire between about 1650 and 1800

and finally... my wife Pauline's Genealogy Website
We don't know of any links between our ancestral lines, but you might like to take a look anyway