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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Ancestors of Florence Ann STOW (S1)

My: grandmother great grandparents 2x great grandparents 3x great grandparents  
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William STOW (S8) (1809‑1854)
William STOW (S4) (1832‑1898)
Ann HUTCHINSON (S9) (1808‑1866)
John STOW (S2) (1859‑1930)
Isaac WILKINSON (S10) (1801‑1867)
Mary WILKINSON (S5) (1829‑1892)
      Sister of Ann (S7)
Elizabeth WATSON (S11) (1800‑1870)
Florence Ann STOW (S1) (1886‑1970)
  Chart for Spouse:
David Campbell KENNEDY (K1)
Richard HIRST (S12) (1807‑1899)
John HIRST (S6) (1832‑1871)
Mary WHEATLEY (S13) (1807‑1879)
Elizabeth HIRST (S3) (1858‑1944)
Isaac WILKINSON - see (S10) above
Ann WILKINSON (S7) (1830‑1900)
      Sister of Mary (S5)
Elizabeth WATSON - see (S11) above