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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Ancestors of Nora Emily RUTTER (R1)

My: grandmother great grandparents 2x great grandparents 3x great grandparents  
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Richard RUTTER (R8) (1802‑1866)
John RUTTER (R4) (1829‑1906)
Isabella CAMPION (R9) (1801‑1873)
Henry RUTTER (R2) (1864‑1925)
Thomas MENNILL (R10) (1796‑1867)
Hannah MEYNELL (R5) (1828‑1922)
Hannah SHIPLEY (R11) (1797‑1878)
Nora Emily RUTTER (R1) (1888‑1946)
  Chart for Spouse:
Arthur BARTLE (B1)
George MEABURN (R12) (~1805‑1885)
Matthew MEABURN (R6) (1833‑1877)
Ann PALLISER (R13) (~1808‑1878)
Emily Ann MEABURN (R3) (1856‑1927)
William METCALFE (R14) (~1794‑1860)
Mary METCALFE (R7) (1831‑1884)
Margaret ROBINSON (R15) (1799‑1858)