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Arthur Kennedy's Family History

Ancestors of David Campbell KENNEDY (K1)

My: grandfather great grandparents 2x great grandparents 3x great grandparents  
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David KENNEDY (K8) (bapt. 1781)
David KENNEDY (K4) (~1808‑1875)
Elizabeth RUTHERFORD (K9) (bapt. 1782)
William KENNEDY (K2) (1846‑1885)
Archibald CAMPBELL (K10) (d. before 1828)
Ann CAMPBELL (K5) (~1806‑1885)
Barbara CAMPBELL (K11) (bapt. 1764)
David Campbell KENNEDY (K1) (1878‑1957)
  Chart for Spouse:
Florence Ann STOW (S1)
William HARCOURT (K6) (1814‑1870)
Eliza Jane HARCOURT (K3) (1852‑1878)
Jeremiah GIBSON (K14)
Jane GIBSON (K7) (1821‑1900)