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County Codes

Abbreviations used on this website ("Chapman Codes")

ARM Co. Armagh, Ireland (now Northern Ireland)
BDF Bedfordshire, England
CUL Cumberland, England
DBY Derbyshire, England
DNB Dunbartonshire, Scotland
DUR Co. Durham, England
ERY East Riding of Yorkshire, England
HRT Hertfordshire, England
HUN Huntingdonshire, England
LAN Lancashire, England
LEI Leicestershire, England
LIN Lincolnshire, England
LKS Lanarkshire, Scotland
MDX Middlesex, England
MGY Montgomeryshire, Wales
MLN Midlothian, Scotland
NBL Northumberland, England
NFK Norfolk, England
NTH Northamptonshire, England
NRY North Riding of Yorkshire, England
OXF Oxfordshire, England
PEM Pembrokeshire, Wales
PER Perthshire, Scotland
RFW Renfrewshire, Scotland
SAL Shropshire, England
STI Stirlingshire, Scotland
WES Westmorland, England
WRY West Riding of Yorkshire, England
YKS Yorkshire (Riding unknown - also used for the City of York, which was not in any of the Ridings)

Please let me know if you find any abbreviations not listed here.