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Ellen EMMOTT (born abt 1767) of Sutton-in-Craven, Kildwick, WRY

What I already know

When Ellen EMMOTT (also known as Eleanor) married John STOW in Kildwick, WRY on 25 Apr 1786, she was described as a minor of Sutton-in-Craven in the parish of Kildwick. The 1841 census records that she was born in Yorkshire.

Ellen died on 18 Feb 1844, aged 76, which would put her birth in around 1767. However, I haven't found any trace of this or of who her parents might be.

Emmott is a common surname in that area, and across the county boundary into Lancashire, around Colne. It also has a number of variants, such as EMMET, EMOTT etc.

A CROSLEY connection?

My latest line of enquiry concerns a John CROSLEY, who witnessed the marriage in 1786, since a comparison of signatures suggests he might be the John Crosley who married a Mary Emmott in 1782; could Mary and Ellen have been sisters? Mary appears to have been baptised in 1758 as the illegitimate daughter of Hannah Emmott, but so far I haven't found anything definite to connect her to Ellen.

Could this be her mother?

I've also found the following marriages in an index to the Kildwick PRs - could one or both relate to Hannah, mother of Mary (and possibly of Ellen)?

27 Apr 1769 Thomas PIGHELS widower of Crossmoor, Weaver and Ann EMMOTT spinster of Sutton
10 Aug 1789 John LILLY widower of Bingley, Woolcomber and Hannah PIGHELS widow of Silsden

Not the one from Skipton

It's sometimes been suggested that Ellen is the one baptised in Skipton, a few miles north of Kildwick, on 31 Jul 1769, the daughter of William and Ann. (A twin, Sarah, was baptised at the same time.) However, this Ellen was buried in Skipton on 11 Mar 1772.

William and Ann were evidently keen on the name Ellen: they had an earlier daughter with that name, who was baptised on 18 Feb 1759 and buried 7 Nov 1762.

Not the one from Halton East/Bolton Abbey

Another possibility I've come across is that Ellen was the daughter of John Emmott and Ann (née ATKINSON) of Halton East in the chapelry of Bolton Abbey (part of the parish of Skipton, but it kept its own registers).

I haven't found any trace of them having a daughter Ellen born in about 1767, but they did have an Ellen who was baptised on 7 Jun 1761. However, this would have made her 24 years old when she supposedly married John Stow, rather than a minor as recorded; it's also inconsistent with an age of 76 at death in 1844.

In fact the Bolton Abbey PRs provide compelling evidence as to why this Ellen can't be the one who married John Stow. There was a marriage there on 8 May 1786 between Thomas JENKINSON and Ellen Emmott. The PR marriage entry doesn't name their parents, but the Bolton Abbey baptism registers at that time follow the Dade pattern, and entries include a brief pedigree for every child. Thus the baptism entry for Matthew Jenkinson on 31 Dec 1786 records among other details that his mother was Ellen Emmott, daughter of John Emmott, a farmer of Halton, and his wife Ann Atkinson. There were several more children whose baptism entries include the same information, plus an illegitimate son of Ellen's who was born in 1784.

Finally, there was a burial in Bolton Abbey of an Ellen Jenkinson of Halton, aged 73, on 14 Apr 1835. I haven't confirmed whether this is definitely the same Ellen, but the age is consistent with a baptism in Jun 1761. So, the search continues.

If you can tell me any more about my Ellen, please get in touch.



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